Meet Our Pastoral & Faculty Team
Each participating church will have a pastoral facilitator to support their leadership team until the end of the two-year cycle. We have 5 seasoned retired pastors who have committed to serve as pastoral facilitators.

CEP faculty will include Christian Theology and Social Science professors, pastors, and practitioners with experience and strategies to address our contemporary challenges, offering biblical/theological understanding, guidelines, spiritual practices, ministry pathways for congregations.

Alphabetical Order of Last Name
Director of Church Empowerment Program

Rev. Tommy Tsai, PhD

CEP Pastoral Consultants

Rev. David Hsu, DMin

Rev. Albert Lam, DMin

Rev. Dora Wang, PhD

CEP Pastoral Facilitators

Rev. Frank Liu, DMin

Rev. Gee Lowe, PhD

Rev. Joshua Siu, DMin

Rev. Tommy Tsai, PhD

Rev. Sze Kai Tsui, DMin

CEP Tracks Faculty

Rev. Tod Bolsinger, PhD

Rev. Jennifer Chen

Agnes Chiu, PhD

Rev. Danny Fong

Rev. David Hsu, ThM

Rev. Albert Lam, DMin

Cameron Lee, PhD

Anita Meng Liu, PhD

Rev. Siang-Yang Tan, PhD

Rev. Dora Wang, PhD

Church Empowerment Program is a ministry of China Evangelical Seminary North America
This program is funded by Lilly Endowment’s Thriving Congregations Initiative